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Thirty years of artistic activities. Meetings, association, company, creations, travels, deviation... EBULLITION. Still it is necessary to hold! Everything is made so that the approaches "out of frame" choke in the discouragement and the fatalism. It is a question of time, atmosphere, conservatism... culture ! Thirty years to understand that we were not going in the direction of civilization, but in the direction of SHARING THE ADVENTURE. Culture and Heritage with capital letters ? Very little for us. Frustrated dusty monuments used to sterilize what can worry and make vibrate. The real name of the Ministry : Do not disturb.

A gain : confronting it delivers the fantasy of institutional recognition. A goal: to dare to leave the beaten tracks, to extricate oneself from the social-cultural, the exoticism, the state art, the work, the entertainment. Counter-sense, counter-current, counter-culture. Not by prefabricated anticonformism, but because it is the only way to discover oneself, to meet the others, to feel what is essential. To take the virgin and obscure ways. DARE to dance with your fears. No subsidy for this kind of journey.

This taught us the artist's craft:
1/ Censorship today is not about removing a work from the market, but about making sure it doesn't emerge.

2/ Commercial or state recuperation and instrumentalization threaten any of us.

3/ The worst conformists are ourselves.

Conclusion: our narcissism, consistent at the beginning, has progressively shrunk to a bare skin... we breathe better since.

And now? We have given ourselves the right to make as many mistakes as we want! And we keep on going... further and further away!

blanc base.jpg

Crossbreeding, fusions, collages, multidisciplinarity... INSPIRation! We let ourselves be inspired. We are the inspiration. Transe-Mutation is not a ready-to-wear of diversity, cultural identity or institutional de-colonialism. Dances, music, Brazil, Cuba, Africa, India, Asia, martial arts, classical, modern, buto, crumping, buckwheat, vowel wood... No strategy. PASSION ! if we are precise, it is because we are EXALTED ! We have been told so many times, since we were young, that we had to choose between art and administration, between literature and science, between work and pleasure, that we write while dancing, we imagine while scribbling, we learn while failing... we are not specialists: we do with leftovers. Capturing the slightest movements of the world. WE LIVE OUT OF ART ! The artists lost their gnac: they are afraid. Silent censorship, precariousness, ideological lead, criticism, permanent castrations, self-censorship, perversity of subsidies etc. Result: when we think of artists, we think of intermittents and show business... We are the last fools to think we are free.


Transe-Mutation. ALCHIMIC emulsion. Energetic journey. Body in one act. The human theater collapses to leave place to the building site: World ! Too bad for Europe, the democrats, the elites and the normopaths ! Back to the KHORA, to the chaos, to the unintelligible ! PIM-POM-PIM PIM-POM-PIM ! Attention: a cult ! All to the battlements ! Civilization is in danger ! Do not forget it : we are rational and conservative, dogmatic and financial, revolving doors and pathetic! We are under attack in our identity by something ! A thing against reason, a thing against secularism, a thing against progress, a thing against totalitarian capitalism! Be afraid !



Bridges between heaven and earth, bridges between solstices and equinoxes, bridges between mountains and cities, bridges between the dead and the living, bridges between the stars and the desert, bridges between imagination and desire, bridges between the real and the impossible.





The Rite of Spring

National Theater St Malo 2006

Mystery Orphanus

Hall St Pierre Paris 2005

Island Festival

Plain St Denis Festival 2007

The Swamp

Jemmapes Theater.Paris 2002

black flowers

With the National Ballet of Benin 2009

The tomb

Paris 2004


Theater of Suresnes, fine arts of Paris 2002

  The Storm

National Theater of St Malo 2006

fiery babies

Hall St Pierre Paris 2005

We will not go to the Quai Branly!

Benin Festival 2010

Little antics

Wetwet Festival, Solidarity Garden Festival 2003


National Theater of St Denis and Fresnes 2004

Voodoo against liberalism.

wild cabaret. Paris 2001

Kundalini or the thunderstruck man

Montreuil Theater. 2004

Double Joker vs. Hollywood Joker

New York 2008


First book-album entirely dedicated to the Freelance Shaman: Power of Chaos, boiling of Nature and incandescent storms. The electronics, the percussions, the voices, the noises, the melodies, the instruments and the harmonies put themselves at the service of the cosmic forces arising from the bowels of the earth.


Mad love of the vagabundo: mortally alive


Il dragone della Trance-Mutazione si sta svegliando

The next book-album, soon to be completed, is dedicated to the urban and nihilistic world of the Double Joker. I offer you two tracks from this next album!To be continued...

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