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To transform the unhappiness (malaise) in order to find happiness of living, thanks to an awareness of the body in harmony with the mind. 

Rather than focusing on the causes and symptoms, I allow the person to find their own Movement and the transformation of energies through the re-connection to the five Energy Bodies : the individual, the other, the group, nature, the cosmos.

This sensitive approach to the Body is not intrusive : it aims at a deep letting go in a friendly atmosphere without judgment, performance and perfection.



The energy tools are chosen according to the situation of the moment evaluated according to the needs of the person, the practitioner's intuition and the general atmosphere.


  • fluidism (magnetism) 

  • massage

  • chinese medicine

  • digipressure

  • body exercises

  • dialogue


Three one-hour sessions allow us possible to make an assessment and to define a possible follow-up.

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