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Having grown up in Paris with a Russian-Polish Jewish father and a mixed-race mother from the islands with multiple roots (white, black, Caribbean Indian and Chinese), my first experiences reflect my origins : welcoming political refugees, feminist encounters, exchanges with psychoanalysts, structuralists, philosophers, jurists, committed intellectuals, and opera enthusiasts... Dance, music, poetry, energy are already at the heart of my existence. 


Then, lycée Henri IV, Conservatoire National de Boulogne (piano, composition, orchestration, conducting), Sorbonne University (philosophy).

In parallel, Japanese martial arts and Zen meditation. My training ends with a contract with Majors. The immensity of the world attracts me more. End of the contracts.

Departure for 15 years, Cuba, Brazil, New York, San Francisco, Benin, India, Israel, Europe, etc.
Brazil 1999. I initiate the independent multidisciplinary company "The Transe-Mutants"
(dance, music and theater) which will develop in Benin, in the USA, in Italy and in France.


My artistic training was extended to energy practices: Chinese medicine and acupuncture, massage and ayurveda, rituals and shamanism. With all these teachings, I developed a practice based on the primordial energy : Khorolistics.


Today, I devote a lot of my time to linking various national and European collectives and I dedicate myself to writing. I am regularly published in Agoravox, Le Grand Soir, FranceSoir, Profession gendarme, RéinfoCovid among others, and take part in many radio (Radio Zinzine, Radio Galère, Cause Commune) and television (Launetv, Front médiatique, France-Soir) interviews. I take part in two very followed initiatives : the "Call for civil resistance and the awakening of consciences" (500,000 views on all platforms) and the "International Manifesto of Free Artists" (published on September 2, 2021 and 15,000 views on September 30), and I organize the "Franco-Italian Assembly" (January 2022).



1998-2001 University of Salvador de Bahia. Graduated in Dance. Bahia, Brazil.

1998-2001 Cultural Foundation of Brazilian Arts Graduated in classical, modern, contemporary and folk dance. Bahia, Brazil.

1991-1996 The Sorbonne. Masters in Philosophy. Memoir on the notion of Rhythm in the Greek Tragedy. Paris, France.

1989-1996 National Music Conservatory of Boulogne-Billancourt. Classes in: piano, orchestration, composition, music theory, music theory. France.



2003-2005 Contemporary and modern dance. I. Boermeester Vijsma, Paris, France.

2005 Classical dance. V. Nadejda, Paris, France.

2003 Butoh. Yuko Ota, Paris, France.

2002 Kathak. Kamal Kant, Paris, France.

1999-2001 Afro-Brazilian Dance. R. Sylvestre, A. Omolu, J. Laranjeiras, Brazil.

2000 Physical Theater. Federal University of Bahia, Bahia, Brazil.

1998 Dance of West Africa. I. Tassembo, Paris, France. The Djoniba School, New York, USA. Kathy Manyongo, Paris, France.

1997 Afro-Cuban Dance. J. Rodriguez, Havana, Cuba.

1997 Contemporary and modern dance. StudioTrisha Brown. New York, USA.




1997-2001 Percussion and music in the Afro-Brazilian and Afro-Cuban style. Havana, Cuba. Bahia/Brazil.

1996 Schola Cantorum. Conducting with Celibidache. Paris, France.

1995-1996 Higher Normal School of Cachan. Conducting with J.-J. Werner. Paris, France.

1995-1996 Center Conservatory. Conducting with B. Poindefer. Paris, France.

1994 Dardington. Conducting with D. Masson. England.



2011-2012 Sanjevanee Ayurvedic School of State Certification, Kerala India.

2009-2012 IEATC (Institute of Energy and Traditional Acupuncture)

Chinese). Certified, Paris.

2009-2010 Tai-chi-chuan Qigong. Yang School. Jean Terriere, Paris, France.

1985-1990 Shotokan Karate/Judo/Ninjutsu. Budoka Center. Black belt. Paris.




1997-1998 The Carnival of the Demon. Three pieces recorded by Warner Music, from the Opera “Le Carnaval du Démon.” Paris, France.

1996 Boulogne-Billancourt Conservatory. 1st prize for piano, musical theory, composition, musical analysis, orchestration, conducting. Paris, France.

1989 Claude Khan International Solo Piano Competition. 1st Prize in concert. Paris, France.




2015 Training of actors in voodoo rites for Mathieu's film

Career, EZULI next release at the cinema (Hamburg).

2010 National training workshop for choreographers and directors, supported by the Ballets Nationaux and the Ministry of

Culture of Benin for the TTM. Benign.

Restitution of work on the International Day of the

UNESCO Dance. Second edition. Cotonou, Benin.

2010 Training of trainers in TTM. Turin, Italy.

2010 Opening of a TTM company in Lille, France.

2010 Opening of a TTM Company in Berlin and Munich, Germany.

2010 Opening of a TTM company in Nancy, France.

2009 Opening of a TTM Company in Torino, Italy.

2009 National training workshop for choreographers and directors, supported by

the National Ballets and the Ministry of Culture of Benin for the TTM. Benign.

Restitution of the work during UNESCO's International Dance Day. First edition. Cotonou, Benin.

2008 University of Denver. Denver, Colorado, USA.

2008 Brown University. Providence, Rhode Island, USA.

2008 Naropa University. Boulder, Colorado, USA.

2008 Opening of a TTM Company in San Francisco, USA.

2007 Opening of a TTM Company in Cotonou, Benin.

2007 National Ballet of Benin. Cotonou, Benin.

2007 Studio Micadanses. Paris, France.

1999 Folklore Ballet of Bahia. Bahia, Brazil.

1998 Federal University of Bahia. Bahia, Brazil.

2004-2007 International Center for Jazz Dance. Paris, France.

2006 Momboy Center. Paris, France.

2002-2004 Center for Living Arts. Paris, France.

2002 Studio Harmonic. Paris, France.

2001 Studio Kim Kam. Paris, France.

2001 Opening of a TTM Company in Paris, France.

1999 Opening of a TTM Company in Salvador de Bahia, Brazil.




2009 Conductor and arranger of the Opera “Voix des mères”. Berlin, Germany.

2009 Role of the Double Joker, commission from the “Crédit Mutuel” bank. Paris, France.

2008 Role of the Double Joker. Video show. Ouidah, Benin.

Role of the Double Joker during the EDF carnival. France.

Role of the Double Joker. Anoun Theater in San Francisco, California, USA.

2003-2005 Boormester Modern Dance. Paris, France.

1998-2000 Vila Velha Contemporary Dance. Rosangela Silvestre. Bahia, Brazil.

2001 Sacred Arts of Alafia. Paris, France.

1997 Baobab Sacred Arts. Havana, Cuba.



CREATION OF SHOWS(artistic direction)

2017 Génération Burn-out, with Solange Savine, Fine Arts of Aix en Provence, Toursky Theater, Marseille.

2015 3 performances at the “Apres midi de SEMELE” in collaboration with the Universities of Law and Letters of Aix-Marseille.

2011 “Les Rois dansent”, Commission from the Veolia Group in partnership with the National Conservatory of Paris and the Royal Conservatory of Benin. France.

2011 “Yemanja Quilombo”, Co-production with the Zéphyr quartet at the Théâtre de l'Européen, Paris.

2011 "So-duo", Order from the City of Saint Denis for Women's Day.

2010 "Ministry Double-Joker", Order from the City of Saint Denis. France.

2009 “Happy-Monkey-Junky”, Torino, Italy.

2009 “Festival du Butô” with Yuko Ota, Cultural Center of Japan, Paris, France.

2008 Production of the Vodoun Houindo Festival with the Transe-Mutants of Benin.

2008 “Everyone has the right to return” (Video), Ouidah, Benin.

2008 “Are you really sure to love Democracy? », Bioneers Conference, Anon Salon, San Francisco, California, USA.

2008 “Life or Money? », Order from the bank Crédit Mutuel, Paris.

2008 “Saving of EDF-GDF”, Order from EDF-GDF, Paris, France.

2007 "Promise of chained art or voluntary servitude", Espace 1789 Saint-Ouen, Paris, France.

2007 "Festa Do Ilé", Neighborhood House of the Plain, France.

2006 “Rythmos”, Fundacao Cultural, Bahia, Brazil. 2006 “Duo”, “Cannibals”, “Les Défilés Antimode”, “Totem sans

Taboo”, Reservoir, Paris, France.

2006 “Gargoyle Attitude”, Yves Klein Festival, Paris, France.

2006 “The Tempest” by Beethoven for the Theater of St Malo, France.

2006 "The Rite of Spring", Order from the City of Saint Malo

with the Theatre, Conservatory and Ballets de St Malo, France.

2005 “Ardent Baby”, Museum of Brut and Naïve Arts, Paris France.

2004-2005 "Orphanus Mystery" (Orpheus backwards)", Halle St Pierre, Paris,


2004 “Kundalini or being struck down”, Théâtre de Fresnes, Théâtre

Gérard Philippe from St Denis, Enter the Dance Festival, France.

2004 “Orixas Modernas”, La Plaine St Denis (video), Paris, France.

2004 "Alone without my friends or solo", Festival "Enter the dance",

Paris, France.

2004 “Happy mummies in dust of light”, Center Saint Thomas, Paris, France.

2003 "Indian Tale", Theater of Fresnes, France.

2003 “Little buffoonery”, African WetWet Festival, Solidarity Festival,

Paris, France.

2002 "Les Enfers", Theater of Suresnes, Beaux Arts de Paris, Paris.

2002 "The Swamp", Jemmapes Theater, France.

2001 “Vodoun against Liberalism”, Cirque de la Bodega, Paris, France.

2001 “Caminhada”, Reuilly Theater, France.

2000 “As Portas”, Fundaçao cultural, Bahia, Brazil.



Classes: Paris: Marais Dance Center. Aix: S. Savine School.

Internships: France, Switzerland (Zurich), Italy (Torino), Germany (Munchen, Berlin, Hamburg), Benin (Cotonou), USA (NY, San Francisco).




2021 The indomitables, Talmas editions (book).

2016 Aux corps l'En-Deçà, energetic mutations and Primordial Movement.

2016 Double Joker, or the Least Worst Possible World (CD).

2016 Classical solo piano music. (CD). In progress.

2010 What is Trance-Mutation? power discourse and

Trance-Mutation. Translated into German and English.

2010 “The Voice of the Mask” and “The Voice of the Museum”. Radio

2008 “Temperature Variations”. Trance-Mutantes Editions

2008 “Sound Fantasy”. Editions Trance-Mutants.

2007 Freelance Shaman Project. Editions Transe-Mutants (CD and Book).

2007 “Performance Trilogy” (DVD).

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