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Khorolistic is a holistic path adapted to all those who want to reconnect to their deepest being and have access to the tools for the transmutation of energies.

This course is based on the practice of the 5 ENERGETIC BODY:


THE INDIVIDUAL relationship to oneself, body, mind, emotions.

THE OTHER relationship to others, to family, to genealogy.

THE GROUP relation to work, to the community, to the socio-political.

NATURE relationship to the environment, to animality, to food, to the elements.

THE COSMOS relation to spiritual questions concerning the primordial energy, the Movement, the letting be.


When energy no longer circulates, blockages and imbalances are created that disturb all 5 bodies.

Through different energetic disciplines, it becomes possible to connect to the harmony between the 5 bodies and to find one's deep movement.


From ancient Greek ἐνέργεια, enérgeia "force in action" as opposed to δύναμις, dýnamis "force in power", energy refers to the Universal Movement of all things related to each other.

This Movement does not fit into the logic of power and might nor into the logic of the separation between mind and matter, but refers to the continuous flow in permanent evolution.



The term khorolistic is derived from the fusion of two ancient Greek words:  khora et holistic.

The khora  was the natural and wild space which extended beyond the city walls.

It opposes the topology, in that it is not measurable: when one wants to grasp it, it escapes.

Holistic  means "relating to the whole without parts, in its enterety, global and continued ".


Holistic khora is a global approach, which, connecting to the original and spontaneous spaces of the body, reconnects to primordial energy and its transmutations.

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